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Everywhere in the world, where people come together, they have certain rules. So do we. You can find the full set in our Acceptable Use policy, but below is a summary.
  1. Respect others: Be kind, polite, and respectful. Remember that online interactions are real-life interactions too. No bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia, or other hate-based chat.
  2. No inappropriate or suggestive content: Sexual content, especially in the Random Chat area, is strictly prohibited.
  3. Impersonation is off-limits: Do not pretend to be another user or person.
  4. Don't misuse or overburden the platform: Avoid actions that disrupt the services, create false accounts, or send unsolicited emails.
  5. Strictly for adults: Chatroulette is only for people who are 18 and older.
  6. No illegal activities: This includes severe drug abuse or any behavior that is against the law.
  7. Adhere to security measures: Do not disable or interfere with security features or limitations of the services.
  8. No spamming or advertising: Unauthorized data collection, spamming, or any form of unwarranted advertising is not permitted.
  9. Report violations: If you see anything that breaches the rules, be sure to report it.
  10. No commercial misuse or reverse engineering: The services shouldn't be used for any revenue-generating endeavor, nor should you attempt to decipher, decompile, or disassemble the software of the services.